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The Year of One


Here were are. Its 2017! According to everything that I have been reading, this is supposed to be my year.  Today the 9 year cycle has ended and we have entered into the year of one. In numerology, 2+0+1+7=10; 1+0=1.  One represents new beginnings and a time for new perspectives. 2016 was a 9 year. 2+0+1+6=9. Nine was a year of endings and letting go.  That certainly seemed to be my lesson for the year. My husband of 20 years moved out 2 days before my 40th birthday. I let go of a few friends and even lost a relationship with my father. But what I have learned in hindsight, is that the universe was removing toxicity from my life in order to prepare me for what’s to come in 2017. So although I spent a good portion of 2016 going through a grieving process, that darkness also allowed me to go through a process where I would start to recognize the light that was breaking through.

The lessons that were set before me forced me to work even harder on my journey of self discovery and self love. I learned a lot about myself and the snippets of the visions that I have had over the years about my divine path started becoming clear.

Last year, I embarked on the Tierra Goes Green Detox and went vegan for a few months. During that process, I feel as though my life started to change from the inside out.  I loved the way that I felt and the weight started melting off.  I also gained more clarity in my life. For me, it was the missing link in the spiritual journey that I was on. It wasn’t that difficult because my thought process was changing and it was as if my body recognized what it should have been eating all along. I felt vibrant and alive.  Once I started to eat regular foods again, due to the financial constraints of buying two sets of groceries, I started to feel sluggish.  But I am committing to becoming the best version of myself in 2017.

I also learned, or should I say I reconnected with my love of music.  I have always had an eclectic taste in music, but I feel like over the years, I stuck to what everyone around me was listening to.  I also had a hard time listening to certain genres, i.e. R & B and love songs, because it honestly caused me so much pain. I felt like I was listening to the words that were describing a love that I would never experience. Now, I listen to the music knowing that I was not crazy and that it’s not a fairytale, but it’s a promise of a future that is coming. I did not have that love because I still needed to learn to love myself. In hindsight, I realize that it was unfair to expect someone to give me the love that I couldn’t even give myself. I also realize that because my vibrational level was low, I was attracting someone at that same low vibration into my life. Not only that, but we shared completely different perspectives of love. But I love myself and I love music again and that is what matters.  I found that I connect more with India Arie, Lauren Hill, James Blake and Bob Marley; while still loving Drake, Vybz Kartel, Rhianna and Yolanda Adams.

2016 also brought elemental healing into my life. There are 5 sessions involved with this process: The Balance Formula, Removal Formula, Healing, Anchoring and Integration of New Energy. It’s an utogenous training through vibrations, wave genetics and hyper communication. I’ll touch more on this in a subsequent post.

As I travel the road to authenticity, I have laid the groundwork for what’s to come. I am setting my intentions and consciously cultivating my dreams. So what are my dreams and intentions for 2017?

  • I will not only launch, but have a successful and prosperous business, that will allow me to spend more time with my children.
  • I will spend more time on self care through yoga, meditation, reiki, elemental healing, fitness and nutrition.
  • I will commit to a plant based lifestyle.
  • I will connect with new people that are vibrating on a higher level and will inspire and encourage me to do the same.
  • I will be open to new beginnings and new love.
  • I will become a better version of myself.
  • I will finally figure out what I want to do with my hair, lol
  • I will take a more heart-centered, feeling based approach to life, without getting wrapped up in the negative feelings.
  • I will move into a home that has comfortable space for my children, allows me to have a spiritual sanctuary and also has space to run my businesses.
  • I will live with intention and stop procrastinating.
  • I will publish my books
  • I will read more and implement the knowledge that I am gaining to continue to improve my life

My personal year summary is a one. For me, this is conditioning me to assert my will.  The number one symbolizes the beginning of a new numerological 9-year cycle.  It’s time for new achievements.  I will listen to my thoughts and desires and decide what I want to accomplish in the nearest nine years. So yes, although 2016 was a rough year, I am ready for the abundant blessings of 2017!


I’ve always known that I wanted to help people and for many years I flip-flopped back and forth with what I wanted to do. I thought about becoming a counselor, a journalist, a sexual health educator; the list goes on and on.  Last year, the universe finally revealed my destiny – yoga and writing.  For many years, I struggled with depression and anxiety.  Some years were worse than others, but last year, for reasons I chose not to reveal at this time, I decided that ENOUGH was ENOUGH! How can I ever expect to be happy, or set a good example for my children, or help others if I can’t even help myself?  How can I possibly bring into fruition the dreams that I have if I permanently reside in a state of negativity, fear, anxiety and unhappiness?  I CAN’T. So 2013 was the year that I decided to make a change.  It has not been an easy road and I understand everything will not change overnight, but the important thing was that I finally felt like everything would actually be great for the first time in my life!  I took a leave of absence from work, worked with a therapist and signed up for a yoga teacher program.  It was as though someone opened up the gates of hell and all of the demons and monsters came out, some slowly creeping up and making their appearances and others rushing to the forefront, growling and screaming and forcing me to face them.  Here, I will face them and journal my process to inner peace in the hopes that my journey will inspire others to heal and find happiness as well.