Yoga is a discipline that helps human beings to become aware of their deepest nature. The goal of seeking to experience this deepest potential is not part of a religious process, but a rather an intensive study of the self. It is not simply about the poses and trying to see who is better at contorting their bodies. It has a deeper meaning to the practice.

I have been drawn to yoga for many years, but never practiced it consistently. I always felt intimidated and uncomfortable with the idea of taking yoga classes based on seeing only physically fit people practicing yoga in different forms of public media. Surely this practice was not meant for someone like me (weight challenged). A close friend invited me to start taking hot yoga classes with her a little over a year ago and I decided to try it, but something was missing. I didn’t feel a connection. I didn’t understand the names of the poses. Something was missing. In my search for something more, I decided to try more than one studio. I even tried a pole fitness class that incorporated yoga. Finally, after going through another episode of depression, I decided that I was tired of being unhappy and depressed. In an effort to handle this illness once and for all, I decided to enroll in a yoga teacher training program, so that I would be able to gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of yoga. This was one of the best decisions that I have ever made!

I searched for teacher training programs in my area and the universe sent me the best teacher training program ever. Some schools took days to respond to my inquiries and others just seemed to care about whether or not I could pay the tuition. The owner of the yoga school that I decided to enroll in, not only responded to my inquiry, but she spoke to me over the phone to get a feel for my energy. She then took it a step further and invited me to her beautiful home studio to meet me in person to see if this was something that I was serious about doing. She made me feel very comfortable immediately and was very welcoming. Her story resonated with me and I knew that this was the training program for me.

I have learned SO much about chakras, setting my intentions, and meditation, just to name a few. I know that this is a lifestyle that I will spend the rest of my life learning about. I honestly am still uncomfortable with my body and I am in the process of healing, but knowing that this all stems from my root chakra is important. I never learned to love and accept myself. I never knew my worth. I am eating better and taking care of myself. I am LEARNING!!!!

I have successfully completed my RYT-200 yoga teacher training and I am officially certified to teach yoga. My spiritual name is Nitara Devi, which means deeply rooted. My plan is to use the knowledge that I have gained to help others heal from their pasts, as well as help others avoid going through the hardships that I have encountered.



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